The Original Waterless Cookware

110 years of American made quality!


Why Kitchen Craft

The original Kitchen Craft cookware was created through a unique process in which layers of metal were merged together across the bottom and up the sides of the pans. This merging of surgical stainless steel and aluminum alloy ensured that heat spread smoothly and quickly without hot spots. Today, this process has been perfected, using seven layers of metal, creating the most even heat conductivity imaginable. As a result, Kitchen Craft is the best energy-efficient thermal core cooking system in the world and is induction ready!!

See the Kitchen Craft Difference

Oven Safe Side Handle (Proudly made in Sappington, MO)
Moisture Locking Cover (Proudly made in Brackenridge, PA)
Heat Resistant Knob (Proudly made in Sappington, MO)
Ergonomic Oven Safe Handle (Proudly made in Manitowoc, WI)
Stainless steel flame guards on handles. (Proudly made in Logansport, IN)
110 Gauge T-304 Stainless Steel (Proudly made in Attelboro, MA)

What is waterless cooking?

Waterless cooking simply means cooking without the addition of water or grease. Waterless cookware helps you prepare healthier meals while saving time, money, and energy.

The Kitchen Craft team enhanced our original waterless cookware technology by updating the design and developing an energy-efficient cooking system that embraces American ingenuity while capturing the magic of healthy living. By heating food quicker—at lower temperatures and without added fat or excess water—it’s helping ensure a better future for the next generation.

Why is Waterless Cooking Healthier?

Too much water spoils a cook’s best efforts to prepare healthy meals. As most vegetables contain 90 to 95% water, there is absolutely no need to add even more water during the cooking process. Adding water strips the vegetables of their precious minerals and natural salts, sending these nutrients right down the drain.

Waterless Cooking minimizes temperatures and reduces the need for added water helps preserve valuable vitamins and nutrients, not to mention the food’s natural flavors and colors. Our highest quality stainless steel vapor cookware requires no additional oil, butter or fats, sparing your food unnecessary calories and cholesterol.

How is Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware Different?

Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware is 100% American-made in West Bend, Wisconsin, and has been for over 100 years! Our cookware is crafted from American steel—the highest quality surgical stainless steel in the world. Our unique state-of-the-art design, finish and durability were engineered and constructed by a team of talented American workers.

When you choose to buy American through Kitchen Craft, you’re directly supporting 9,000 American families and paving the way to a brighter future for our country and America’s manufacturing landscape.

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Kitchen Craft Benefits

Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware is made of multiple layers of high-grade metals to ensure even heat distribution, not only on the bottom of the pan, but also up the sides and to the cover. Heat spreads smoothly and quickly, without hot spots.

During the cooking process, our cookware’s specially designed water seal cover prevents the escape of nutrients and allows for low-moisture cooking. It works like a small oven, cooking the food naturally in a complete circle of heat. Our cookware also features stack-cooking capabilities, which allow you to use fewer burners, and requires only medium to low temperatures. Lower cooking temps and fewer burners result in substantial energy savings for you.

Our manufacturing process is Green, which means it meets or exceeds the industry’s highest environmental standards. No factory air emissions means we can all breathe a little easier. Natural cleaning methods and non-toxic residues mean a healthy work environment for our cookware team and the surrounding community.

To craft our cookware, surgical stainless steel is clad in an aluminum material through a unique roll-bonding process. This creates a metal combination that has the heat conductivity of aluminum with the non-porous qualities of stainless steel. The aluminum alloy inner core is an incredible conductor, requiring less heat, and the stainless steel ensures food cooks evenly to perfection with no water, oil or additives necessary. Nutrients aren’t destroyed from high temperatures or washed away through boiling.

With its unique waterless technology, Kitchen Craft Waterless Cookware has the strongest all-natural, non-toxic surface. Go ahead: brown, sear, even deglaze. These pans go places other cookware wouldn’t dare.

Stay-cool ergonomically designed handles create perfect balance, ease and comfort when using your cookware. Plus, the handles are oven safe up to 400°.

I love my Kitchen Craft cookware set! I purchased my set in the Fall of 1963, in Minneapolis, MN from a door to door salesman. My adult children say my cookware set still looks brand new! I have always washed them by hand. My cookware is the same in pieces as your now Classic Starter Set, minus the cooking plate for the Dutch oven. In 1963, I paid $200.00 for this set. I highly recommend your product!


I bought the 2 qt sauce pan with cover at a recent home show. This is the ultimate 7-ply sauce pan I’ve ever used. No burning or scorching, even cooking, easy cleaning! FYI, I’ve used the best according to industry standard.

Chef Steven Wilson

I love my Kitchen Craft cookware, I bought it 45 years ago and have had it longer than 2 husbands, my children, and grandchildren. Its like an old friend in the kitchen!


I purchased this set in 1973 after I graduated from nursing school. I purchased a complete set with a set of dishes, cutlery and flatware as a free gift. I bought it from a door to door salesman. I was allowed to make payments. I still use these as my only set of dishes.


Bought my first set of Kitchen Craft in 1970. One of the best investments I ever made. I am still using it almost on a daily basis and you would never know it is almost 50 years old. I won’t cook with anything else. I can’t speak highly enough for this wonderful cookware.


When I left home in 1983, my parents bought me a set of Kitchen Craft cookware. At the time, I thought that the cost was an extravagance. However, I still use this set today in 2018 as my primary cookware. I’ve used it on a daily basis continuously, and the 3 qt. sauce pan, I wish that I could include a photo, because this sauce pan looks almost as shiny and new as it did 35 years ago.

Chris Davis

Our American Story

Kitchen Craft cookware was first manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin, over 100 years ago and is still proudly made in the USA to this day. You can feel secure in the fact that your Kitchen Craft purchase is not only an investment in the best cookware but also in American workers, heritage and values. Our company proudly supports the men and women who defend America’s freedom and way of life, preserving the principles our forefathers fought and died for.