Veggie Rich Potato Salad

You can use as many variations as you wish to this dish and you will still be so satisfied. Add thin sliced smoked meats or fish for extra protein.

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  1. COOKING POTATOES: Scrub skins and remove dark spots. Do not peel. Cut into cubes. Place in 2 qt. pan; rinse with cool water until it runs clear. Drain. Cover and cook on MEDIUM heat until water seal is formed and lid spins freely. Reduce to LOW and cook 8 minutes. Test for doneness. If additional time is needed, cover and allow to sit off-heat until fork tender. Transfer to storage bowl and refrigerate until cool.
  2. COOKING EGGS: Place a wet paper towel in bottom of 1 qt pan. Place eggs on towel. Cover and cook on MEDIUM until water seal is formed and lid spins freely. Reduce heat to LOW and cook 13 minutes. Remove from heat, remove paper towel, rinse with cool water. With a small amount of water in pan and cover on, shake the eggs. This will break the shells and loosen the egg for easy peeling. Peel and refrigerate until cool.
  3. MAKING THE SALAD: Choose from the ingredients from the list below as desired, and gently mix with the cooled potatoes. Use two fork and work gently. Avoid breaking the potato pieces. Cut and add the hard cooked eggs (or use the eggs as a garnish on top of the salad). Do not over mix. Flavor will be enhanced if allowed to sit overnight.


Fresh Vegetables sliced, diced or cubed: Cucumbers, apples, bell peppers, pickles, tomatoes, capers, chili, peas, celery, red onions, green onions, shallots, olives, fennel, pimentos, artichoke hearts, jicama. Cheese, crumbs or cubs: Gorgonzola, blue cheese, smoked cheddar, feta, brick, sharp or medium cheddar. Meats, poultry, fish cured or cooked: Salami, ham, prosciutto, smoked or cooked salmon, shrimp, chicken or turkey. Dressings, low fat or fat-free if possible: Prepared dressings such as Honey Mustard,Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, French or Mayo with dill and lemon juice added. Or, pick from Potato Salad Dressing Recipes.



2293 cal


109 g


294 g


31 g
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