I was newly married in 1958. I purchased my Kitchen Craft and have used it almost daily for 61 years. My small 1 qt. pan looks like new even on the bottom. Thank you for making a wonderful product. My large skillet was beginning to warp on the bottom and guess what? after 50 yrs. they replace the skillet. They honored their guarantee…Imagine that, Thanks again for the great product.

MaryWe have the entire set!

I have always loved vegetables, but I was truly amazed at the true taste they had after being cooked in my Kitchen Craft cookware. Between the cooked veggies and the Demonstration Salad featured at the state fair I attended in Maryland, I lost 15 pounds with no effort. When I returned to the fair the next year, Betty Hahn remembered me from selling me the set the previous year. The great customer service and the last-a-lifetime products have me still, years later, spreading the word to all of my friends about Kitchen Craft Cookware. Thank you for helping my family members stay healthy in a most delicious way!

LauraLast-a-lifetime products

My wife purchased a very extensive set of LustreCraft cookware from a door to door sales agent in 1958 at a then astonishing amount of approx, $400.00. We married in 1959 and put all those pots and pans to immediate use. They are still serving us in great condition to this date and they are wonderful. A very good investment she made ! We both cook and have given them a real work out. Love them.

Brooks LottJust wonderful after 61 plus years !

I can only hope that the kind of person reading this will make sure that it reaches you personally. I wanted you to know that the pot and lid I’m returning for replacement is 50 years old. I purchased it from a single mom selling your pots in 1969. Little did I know that 50 years would go by and not only would your company still be thriving and holding true to the lifetime warranty, but also how proud I am to own some of your products! Thank you for being true to your words sirs.

I loved reading your “American Story” on your website! Thank you for your service to our country and your patriotism. May we always honor our veterans, our country and our flag. My son served in the Marine Corp for 4 years and I am, and always will be a proud Marine Corp Mom!

Deborah Fontenot50 Years, still the best warranty!

When I left home in 1983, my parents bought me a set of Kitchen Craft cookware. At the time, I thought that the cost was an extravagance. However, I still use this set today in 2018 as my primary cookware. I’ve used it on a daily basis continuously, and the 3 qt. sauce pan is my “go to” piece. It gets used more than all the others—from soups, to sauces, to simply boiling water for pasta. I wish that I could include a photo, because this sauce pan looks almost as shiny and new as it did 35 years ago.

Chris DavisBulletproof for DECADES

I purchased a complete set of Kitchen Craft pots and pans in 1948. My husband and I have been married for over 60 years and I am still using this cookware every day. They are wonderful and I will probably pass them on to my grandchildren or great-grandchildren some day. They were one of the best investments I ever could have made, other than my husband. Thank you for making a superior product.

JeanieOne of the best investments I ever could have made