8 Piece Bake Collection


This set contains a Pie Pan, 2 Round Cake Pans, Medium and Large Cookie Sheets, Jelly Roll Pan, Loaf Pan and the 9″x 13″ Bake & Roast Pan. Kitchen Craft bakeware will not warp. It’s made with 5-ply construction and has a surgical stainless steel baking surface. It’s 50 to 75% heavier than retail bakeware. No other bakeware cooks so evenly! It has convenient handles and, most importantly, is 100% American made.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price $877.00

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  • 9 Inch Pie Pan
  • (2) 9 Inch Round Cake Pans
  • 9 Inch by 13 Inch Bake and Roast Pan
  • Large Cookie Sheet
  • Medium Cookie Sheet
  • Loaf Pan
  • Jelly Roll Pan

Includes Kitchen Craft Lifetime Warranty.

Product Videos

Videos that show how to use your waterless cookware with various cooking methods, proper cleaning, and other information.  (Coming Soon!!!)

Features and Benefits

You made the Right Choice!!!


  • Waterless cooking – vapor seal covers keep in moisture and flavor while preserving vitamins, nutrients and minerals
  • Fat free healthy cooking – prepare greaseless, low-fat, nutritious and flavorful meals
  • Oven safe handles and knobs
  • Dripless edges and 45 degree corners
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Induction ready – performs beautifully with any heat source
  • Green manufacturing – protecting the enviroment
  • 100% proudly made in America – patriotic security that we will always be here to help.  Hand crafted in West Bend, Wisconsin
  • A lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects or workmanship


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