10″ Large Dome Cover


Our Dome Covers* are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Their unique design makes them multi-functional. You can’t do all this with conventional cookware:

  • Need to melt chocolates or cheese for a recipe? Place your Dome Cover inside a larger pot to create a double-boiler.
  • Ever thought of cooking corn on the cob standing up? Turn your Dome Cover upside down and use as a lid for larger vertical cooking space.
  • Want to steam some broccoli to go with your rice? Place another pot on top of the Dome Cover for stack-cooking!
  • Need an extra serving dish? You can serve cooked food inside the Dome Covers.

The Large 10″ Dome Cover will work with your 6- and 8-Quart Stock Pot as well as your Large Skillet.

*Dome Covers are not 7-ply. They are not designed to be placed alone on a burner. Placing your Dome Cover on a burner will destroy it. Only use Dome Covers for their intended uses, as stated above.

**Covers fit current cookware only. If unsure, please contact customer service before purchasing**

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price $340.00

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  • 10″ Dome Cover

Includes Kitchen Craft Lifetime Warranty.

Product Videos

Videos that show how to use your waterless cookware with various cooking methods, proper cleaning, and other information.  (Coming Soon!!!)

Product Dimensions

Rim Diameter – 11.31″
Inside Diameter – 10.25″
Height – 2.87″
Weight –1.87 lbs.


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