Vegetable Medley

Cook farm fresh vegetables without losing their flavor (color size and nutritional value!) Any desired vegetable

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  • Your chosen vegetables


  1. Wash and prepare your vegetables for cooking
  2. Select desired pot size
  3. Fill pot 3/4 full of vegetables and then fill completely with water. Then, empty all the water from the pot. The small amount of water that clings to the vegetables and pot is all the moisture you need.
  4. Place the pot on the burner with the lid on over medium heat. Once the pot begins to heat up you will see a small amount of steam coming from the edge of the lid. Once you see the steam you will give the lid a good spin to the right. The lid should spin freely and appear to “float” on top of the pot. This means you have created the vapor seal. Now you will turn the burner to the very lowest setting for the remainder of the cooking time.


Keep in mind cooking times vary depending on the size your vegetables are cut and moisture of the vegetable itself.



107 cal


1 g


21 g


4 g
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